Saturday, 2 June 2012

."Hoops" tshirt.

From the latest Ottobre magazine, Summer 3/2012...#14 the "Hoops tshirt" for Lil.
Nice fitting t-shirt but the neckline is a bit too wide and gapey for my liking.  The pattern said not to add seam allowance around the neckline, so if I made it again, I would add the seam allowance.
 I love using this funky Hilco Ringel ribbing around neckline/armholes and have done it quite a bit on my latest projects.  It is an awesome quality ribbing (kicks the pants off the dodgy, lame-stretch ones I've bought from Spotlight) and because you are only using a narrow strip, it's worth buying the good stuff.  Plus, the colours are funky and add a fun pop of colour to an otherwise plain shirt.
The little owl is a Beutron iron-on patch motif I bought recently from a local craft store.  I made the tshirt with no idea what I would put on the front of it, if anything.  Then sifted through my box of goodies and remembered about it!  It suits the colours really well and was faster and easier than embellishing in any other way!
Since making this shirt (and cutting out another tshirt), I've cleaned out Lil's wardrobe and realised that she has an abundance of tshirts - I think she could probably keep 3 or 4 little girls clothed!! But is lacking in the long-sleeved top department, so I'm onto those next!  I'm worried about not having any need to sew for her after this year when she goes to school full-time and won't go through so many clothes :(  

Stella solid knit fabric in Virdis (I think?)
Hilco Ringel ribbed knit in Muskpink/Aqua
Beutron iron-on patch motif


Megan said...

Very cute t-shirt. Does the stripy ribbing also come from Spotlight, I'd love to get some for some boy projects. Cheers, Megan

melandpeter said...

Don't worry about not having to make Lil as many clothes. Knowing you, you'll come up with a gazillion other projects to keep you busy! xx

Carmel Morris said...

Cute t-shirt! Love the little puffy sleeves. I hadn't actually thought about the reduced need for hand-made clothes once they start school. I gues sit means that I will be able to find the time to make more special things rather than stressing about the things they need, and I may actually be able to keep up? But I am a bit sad about that...

~ Kim ~ said...

They look terrific. I was thinking, you could just add sleeves to a few of those t-shirts and it would look like a double layer like your son's shirt.

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