Monday, 23 July 2012

.Finished Pernilla Dress!.

Check this out!  I finished the Pernilla Dress!!!
I am so proud of myself - my first real knit (knitted?) project and it worked out!  This was such a lovely knit, the MillaMia yarn is gorgeous - silky smooth and easy to work with.  I learned lots of new techniques and feel much more confident with my ability to knit something wearable.
There was one little (well, big) problem though - I was so excited to have finished the dress one night and put it on Lil the next day and it is SWIMMING on her!  Like massively huge - like she'll be wearing it when she is 10!  Soooo disappointing, but it is totally my own fault as I didn't bother to take any measurements and dove straight into sewing the size 4-5 years (she turns 5 in a couple of weeks so I thought it was going to be a snug fit!). I've since found out that you really have to go by measurements and not ages of kids when knitting.  After measuring her, I realise I should have knit a size 1-2 or 2-3 in the chest and then a 3-4 in length!  Anyway, I'm hoping that she will be able to wear it eventually and I've learned a very valuable and important lesson in knitting!!!
It will be cute sitting on a hanger in her cupboard for a few more years.  Maybe I'll even try it on myself - I think it will probably fit me as a tunic!  Ha!!
Thanks to MillaMia and Suzy Hausfrau for the gorgeous pattern book and yarn - looking forward to more knits from the same!


rachelmp said...

Wow Toni. What an achievement! It looks fantastic

Jane said...

It's gorgeous! Pity about the sizing. If it fits you, you should totally wear it!

Chelsea Parsons said...

love love love xxx

Anonymous said...

Yay! You went the dark pink ribbon!! Looks gorgeous!

(Instagramer follower familyofive :) )

Angie Clare said...

Amazing Toni. Dont worry about the sizing, at least its not too small!! Im so glad you've dived into the world of knitting and it looks like you could be a natural. Well done.

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