Sunday, 22 July 2012

.Of late.

Lots of little things going on behind the scenes here lately...
Lilsy has been asking for a mermaid costume for about a year. I had this shiny fabric last year to make her one but it took a church Disney themed activity for me to actually do it! She loooved it and it was really quick. I had enough fabric left over to make her a pair of little green leggings to wear so that her legs blended in with the tail. She was super happy!
There hasn't been a lot of fabric that has wooed me for awhile, until Erin McMorris worked her magic again with her new line "La Dee Da" - looooove it, love her style and I even managed to make Lil a new dress over the weekend out of it.
The Pernilla Dress was blocked and finished!  It's very cute, but there were some minor finishing set-backs...I'll take some proper pics and share soon. Plus a bit of jumbo cross-stitch and playing with polymer clay just for fun!
We've had a few farm days this month - one at a friend's beautiful farm (I call it The Secret Garden) for the Serendipity photo shoot. Gumboots were absolutely necessary after a full night and morning of heavy rain - I'm loving my gummies this winter!
Then we visited Hagley Farm School with Oscar's class for a school excursion. So cool to be going with him to the places that I went on school excursions as a kid!
And my knitting obsession continues to grow - I'm working on a Milo vest now. Beautiful pattern, I'm about half way through and only started 2 days ago!  Knitting comes in handy as we've got MAJOR MasterChef fever this year.  Ben (now in the top 5!) is my buddy from school and we are cheering him along every night!  He is doing an awesome job and is as kind, loving and gracious as ever.  Can you believe we used to have muffin-making competitions in lunch breaks and free periods at school during year 12!  Fun stuff!  Go Benny - we're so proud of you!
Our special Aunty and sister, Ashleigh came for a visit last week. She is a gem to have around and we all adore her. Check out Tommy with her and Uncle Cade below - so glad my kids have family around to love them.  I've been catching spare snippets of time here and there, reading Bloom by Kelle Hampton. It's a lovely read, reminding me to stop taking all of my blessings for granted.
(P.S. I Instagram under make_it_perfect.)
Hope you've had a great weekend! x


Erin said...

LOVE the mermaid costume Toni... Did you use a pattern or just make it up?

kids clothing said...

Taking some of your time to bond to your kids is a big thing. It makes them more family oriented.

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