Tuesday, 23 October 2012

.Fabric Review.

I was recently sent a stack of fabric from fabric distributors, FD Textiles.  These fabrics are both from (new to me) Aussie designers, Surface Art and Veritas Design.

Surface Art fabrics are a bold collection of vintage-inspired prints in an earthy colour-mix.  This is the first mix of quilting cottons that Surface Art have produced and they are ideal for someone who is looking for a more sophisticated print. I can see them being used for home decor (cushions, covered canvases, lampshades, etc.) and they would also make gorgeous women's skirts or dresses.
Veritas Design's fabric collections are all Australian-themed. But not in a tacky, souvenir shop kind of way. They use vibrant colours which reflect Australian flora and offer a modern approach to contemporary Australian-themed designs.
Surface Art and Veritas Design fabrics can be purchased online at their own stores, or in good fabric stores around Australia.


emjay1000 said...

Oh wow. I just used the Surface Art one - Mikko in the green. Loved it. But now I need allt he others!!! They are very nice. Great quality too.

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