Tuesday, 9 October 2012

.Tops for Tommy.

Guess what?  Tommy grew!  Up, at least.  He never seems to put on weight as he gets taller and looks skinnier by the day.  Growing means that I had to take some of his long-sleeved tops out of the cupboard and replace them with some new ones.  Fun!

Here are the three latest additions:
All from Ottobre.  Two I have made before and liked so much that I made in the next size up.  The first is from Ottobre Spring 1/2011. #25. "Eleven & One"striped hoody.  The boys in the house love hoodies, so this one is received well and will probably be made in every size for the next few years!  I added long-sleeves under the short ones to this one again (the pattern is for a short-sleeved hoody).

This one was another favourite last time.  I really like the slim-fit of this top.  It is from Ottobre 4/2008.  #25 "Pekka T-Shirt".  This one will also be made alot - I like the ribbing binding on the neckline and short-sleeves, especially when I can use a funky striped ribbing for extra contrast.

Lastly, this one was a new top that I hadn't made before.  It's fine, but definitley not my favourite.  It's a little sloppy looking to me.  Which may be partly because of Tommy's skinny frame.  Would probably look better on a fuller kid! It's definitley still wearable and will fit him for awhile.  This one is from Ottobre 1/2009. #22 "Harava" sweatshirt.  The original pattern was for a double-sleeved top, but I decided to leave out the short-sleeves on this one.

So there you have it!  Time to get stuck into some Summer sewing I think...better go and reasses the wardrobes and see what the kiddos are in need of!  

Lots of Hilco and Stella knits from Crafty Mamas.


Kim O said...

Great work on the shirts!!! Your guy is obviously a high paid working model. :) I have a little blondie at home named Tommy too!

Cindy said...

Love all the new long sleeve shirts! I really like the combo of colors/patterns that you used. That's something I struggle with when sewing for my son.

The Coull Family said...

Cool! Love the blue stripes with the grey and the hoodie! Cute little boy :)

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