Monday, 5 November 2012

.A new tradition.

On the weekend we had to go to the shops to do a few jobs. While we were there, the kids were excitedly playing on the escalators in Myer (poor, deprived children - there are no escalators in shops close to our home!) and we accidentally went a few floors higher than we needed to and ended up in the Christmas decoration section. I was secretly excited, I love Myer's Christmas displays and as we were browsing through the decorations Jaron and I decided that we would each choose a new decoration for the Christmas tree. And not just for this year, every year from now on we will go back to Myer (play on the escalators) and let the kids choose any random decoration they like (it was hard not to influence their decisions, but we let them go for it!). I do like a Christmas tree with coordinated decorations, but I know that in a few years time, when our hand-picked decorations start taking over, we will all enjoy the tree even more and have fun looking out for "our own" decorations.

Jaron choose this Santa because it reminded him of a Santa he had growing up.
This is Lil's sparkly butterfly - she was torn between all things pretty but after about 53 choices, finally settled on this one.
Tommy loves trains so I'm happy he picked something that reflects him at the moment.
I walked away with this pretty, sparkly hummingbird.
And Oscar was on the hunt for the "fanciest" decoration he could find!  I didn't expect him to go for something like this, but he loves it!!!
And that's our new tradition - well, I don't know if you can technically call it a tradition yet, because we've only done it once, but we'll definitley be keeping this one!

Did you know it's only 50 days until Christmas?! Today I started to get excited and might begin playing Christmas carols tomorrow... 50 days isn't really long enough to enjoy Christmas festivities, is it?


thingsforboys said...

I saw this idea somewhere recently and I think it's lovely. The lady was saying she puts the kids names on them and when they are old enough and move out, they already have a collection of decorations for their tree!

melandpeter said...

We do that too. Except I'm going to make the decorations with the kids when they're older. At least that's the plan. We listened to Christmas Carols last night. It was getting me excited too!

The Kings said...

We do that every year and write their name and the year on the back.

Kelly said...

What a great idea! They are all beautiful!

Kayla Christie said...

we already have our christmas tree up, excited much?

Anonymous said...

Love Oscar's choice, a boy after my own heart.
auntie Lorraine.

Quilt Monkey said...

You are fortunate to have realized this so young. I look at my ever dwindling supply of Christmas decorations from when I was a child, and can remember every single one! I am 60 years old -so that's alot of remembering! I probably lose one a year to breakage so it's now a pretty sad little collection.

Angela said...

It's is something we do with the girls too. They get so excited because on December 1st, they know they get to choose a new decoration. I also take a photo of them and put it onto a Christmas MDF cutout and hang it on the tree too. It's fun to look back at their choices.

Karen said...

We've done exactly this for the last few years Toni and it is great - the girls hang them and talk about them and find them as the time goes by, and I know what you mean about wanting coordinated!!
But it's worth letting go for.

miiu said...

you'd think a person would grow up at least a little when they have children, but i just keep getting worse and worse. i CANNOT wait, so excited about christmas :D

about the coordinated christmas tree: i agree, my obsessive-compulsive self can't really live with the idea of mismatched decor. on the other hand, i love family traditions and creating my own. this one is a really sweet idea so we'll probably try it out as well :)

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