Wednesday, 7 November 2012

.Shaukat & Company - Liberty of London.

All good sewers love Liberty of London fabric, right? If you haven't sewn with them before, save your pennies and choose a favourite pattern because I promise you will not regret it!
Liberty fabrics are more expensive than most other "common" fabrics. But they are worth every penny...135cm wide and luxuriously silky smooth. But still very easy to handle and sew with, they are perfect for all clothing sewing, have spectacular drape and feel amazing against your skin. Also great for sewing quilts and cushions or other homewares that you want to feel as good as they look.
 Shaukat, a fabric store based in the UK, sent me a selection of Liberty fabrics for my stash. They are just gorgeous, a little too small to make something for myself, but I plan on sewing a few light and cool skirts and tops for Lil before we go to Queensland in a few weeks time.

Shaukat stocks the entire range of Liberty of London fabrics - and there is A LOT to choose from! From the popular Classic Tana Lawn Cotton to Seasonal Tana Lawn Cottons to oil cloths, and printed jerseys there's fabric for every occasion.

The best part is that Shaukat offers prices that are the cheapest I've been able to find (including postage!) which makes Liberty of London fabric and shopping even more affordable - maybe something to add to the Christmas list? 
So, if you haven't paid them a visit before, be sure to check out the lovelies at Shaukat and get a wish list started! I'll be sure to share my projects when they are done and have plans to make myself a special Liberty of London dress which will (hopefullly) take me through most of this pregnancy and beyond!


Anita said...

My in-laws live out side of London. A girlfriend found Shakat and I shopped there for both of us last April. It is a great store. Pretty much the sane fabrics as Liberty.

thingsforboys said...

you're bad Toni...very BAD!

Marnie said...

lucky girl getting some fabrics....look forward to seeing what you come up with for them

The undomesticated scientist said...

i went to the shop in september (lucky me!) spent a fortune and still not done anything but stroke it yet! i could have spend a life time in there, its fantastic!

sisforsewing said...

I was in London last week (for a business meeting) and managed to visit the shop - usually I shop online but since I was there I decided to visit them. I was not very impressed by the service (maybe because it was almost closing hours) but the fabrics alone are worth the visit - the had lots of prints and prices were on average £4 lower than on the Liberty store. Sewing with Liberty may look expensive, but when compared to similar quality fabrics the prices are quite appealing (in my local fabric shop a cotton law features the same price as Liberty law from Shaukat and I never get tired of Liberty prints - everything I sew for my daughter is amazing and timeless - lasting for several seasons (and into the next generations).

miiu said...

seriously, what's NOT to love about your blog! you're great :)

now said...

i can not go to London o visit Shakat.But by reading your article, i can image this is a good store that have so many beautiful goods.

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