Tuesday, 19 February 2013

.Bibs, labels and belly.

The first batch of Make It Perfect labels I bought back in 2008! 600 labels lasted me 5 years, I'm sure I haven't used them all yet but one day they all went missing so I ordered some more! Last time I bought the folded labels that are sewn into a side seam. This time I went for a flat option, so that I could have more options as to where to sew them into the garment. I can even sew them into the inside of the garment to use as a tag to mark the back now if I want. I bought these ones from here and still highly recommend their service and product.
I have a habit of keeping my present box stocked with baby bibs ready for a quick gift when the need arises (which happens to be very often!) and quickly got to work testing out the new labels on this batch of bibs once they arrived.
And while we're talking babies, here are my latest belly shots - almost 27 weeks...we're on the home stretch now, I can't believe there are only 13 weeks to go - so much to do before he arrives!


Kelly said...

Your belly is so cute!
Love all the bibs. I need to make some too.
Have a great week xxx

Carli said...

Tiny belly! Maximus will be out before you know it

The Kings said...

You look so good Tone!

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