Sunday, 17 February 2013


My life lately through the eyes of Instagram (join me here)...

1 & 2. I turned 31 and celebrated with the fam, a yummy dinner cooked by Mum & Dad, cutest cake ever by Sam and marshmallow salad for desserst (my special request, cream is important to me during this pregnancy!) ** 3. We bought a new car and are now officially ready to have 4 children - eek! I'm slowly getting used to driving a big car and changing my mindset to automatic after driving a manual for my whole life. The kids are loving the extra room. Oh, and we need to sell our old car - anyone want it? ** 4. We are having the most beautiful weather this Summer and making the most of lots of picnics, BBQs and swims at the beach.

 1. Trampolining is becoming a regular after-dinner event. ** 2. We had a good laugh when we discovered that Dad was tucking his guitar into bed while Mum was away on holidays! ** 3 & 4. Lots of demolition, re-modelling and hard yakka takes place as my brother-in-law gets ready to open a new gym in town.
 1. 2. & 3. I joined in on the scrappy-trip along craze and started sewing a few blocks just for fun - it will be ages until I have finished but I'm enjoying a quiet little project on the side. ** 4. Lil gives me amazing pedicures which involves opening at least 10 bottles of nail polish and takes over half an hour!
And the biggest hit of the week was this fun, impulse Family Home Evening activity - The Great Malteaser Slide Roll...catching it in your mouth is not as easy as it looks and those little malteasers can build up a lot of speed their way down, resulting in a cut lip for Oscar!


Michele @ The Hills Are Alive...... said...

Malteser photos hilarious - what fun

Kelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Toni!

Iprefervintage said...

Looks like you all have a lot going on.

In the States we call Maltesers Malted Milk Balls or Whoppers. One of my favorite candies. I hide them from the kids. Shhhh don't tell on me.

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