Sunday, 24 February 2013

.Weekly portraits #1.

Tommy: We have FINALLY had toilet training success with this cheeky boy this week! I've been waiting for the time when he is "ready" to start toilet training, but I don't think he would ever have been ready on his own. He was totally happy to keep wearing a nappy and being changed all day, every day. So, it started with a few tears and a lot of bribing (in the form of chocolate chips!) and slowly buy surely we are getting there. He is now happy to wear undies and we are down to only one or two accidents a day and him happily sitting on the toilet most of the time. Since starting toilet training, he has even woken up with a dry nappy most mornings and a couple of nights he has woken in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, which sounds great in theory but not when it means he is up and ready to party at 3am! This means that we are going to have our first break from nappies in 7 1/2 years! Enjoying the next 3 months of nappy-less kids while it lasts!

Oscar: I think photographing Oscar is going to be my weekly challenge...hopefully he will become more obliging as the weeks go on as he is never too impressed about having his photo taken! This week has seen Oscar obsessed with duplo. He goes from lego to duplo and back again and never ceases to amaze us with his creations.

Lil: Drawing is her favourite pastime. When we wake up in the morning she is already settled at the table with her big pieces of paper and tub of textas and pencils creating masterpieces. After three weeks of full-time school, she is well and truly ready for the weekend and is totally exhausted by the time Friday rolls around. Lil is our little social butterfly though and loves hanging out with her friends at school and thinks she is very clever learning more about reading and the alphabet this year.


thingsforboys said...

We are playing the potty training game here too. Roman's used it twice and was rewarded with m&ms, but they aren't doing the trick anymore. He's just not interested. I think I missed my chance because a few months ago he was quite keen...oh well. Enjoy the nappy free time!

Kelly said...

So glad my toilet training days are long gone - now it's just teenage drama ;o)

The Kings said...

Gorgeous pics of gorgeous kids :)

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