Thursday, 7 March 2013

.Knitty gifts.

 Last week, my very talented friend Victoria dropped of an unexpected gift for our little baby. Isn't it perfect? I love everything about it, the colour, cute buttons and teensy tiny size.
Victoria used the After Hours Woodcutter Vest pattern for this cute little number.
If the vest isn't enough, a couple of months ago Victoria also gave me some beautiful stitch markers that she had much more inspiring to use than the saftey pins I'd previously been using as stitch markers!
And here they are in action on a little Milo Vest I started the other night.

Thanks Victoria! Make sure you check out all the beautiful things that Victoria knits on her Facebook much talent and inspiration!


Megan said...

There's nothing better than a baby in handknits! So pretty, what a nice friend.

Kelly said...

What beautiful gifts!

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