Monday, 4 March 2013

.Poppy Tunic for maternity wear.

When I designed my Poppy Tunic pattern I wasn't intending it for maternity wear. The tunic is quite slim-fitting and I couldn't imagine it accommodating a big belly. During the week, I was sifting through my Make It Perfect samples and came across some Poppy Tunics I sewed for the cover photo shoot. These tunics are a size bigger than I would usually sew for myself when I'm not pregnant so I thought I'd try them on and see how they fit me now.
Turns out, if you sew a Poppy Tunic a size bigger than you usually wear, the fit is great for maternity-wear! I like to pop them on with a belt, and they have been extremely comfortable and cool to wear this week. The shorter, top length will be great for post-baby too when I want to hid the excess baby fat and find it easier to feed in a loser fitting top.
 So if you're expecting, or plan to have a baby in the near future and are wanting to sew yourself up some comfy clothes to wear, give the Poppy Tunic a try! And keep an eye out here for a brand new "maternity-friendly" pattern coming up in the next few, I'm loving it!
Make It Perfect, Poppy Tunic pattern
Kaffe Fassett, Shot Cotton in Eucalyptus
Amy Butler, Lark, Heirloom in Jade
Kaffe Fassett, Shot Cotton in Lichen
Lotta Jansdotter, Echo, Moira in Deep Indigo


Emily said...

Oh so cute! You look fab!

Nic said...

I wear my Poppy tunic often and I'm 32 weeks pregnant. It was a happy accident that I made mine a size too big well before I was pregnant. I didn't care, I still wore it pre-baby belly! It's beginning to get a wee bit tight now because my baby's all out the front.
I'm excited about a new maternity pattern. Hopefully it'll come out while I still have a chance to make and wear it!

Carli said...

Nice skirt from 2003 :) and pretty poppy tunic too

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