Sunday, 3 March 2013

.Weekly Portraits #2.

Lil: I thought Lil was faking a few weeks ago when she claimed to have a wobbly tooth. But sure enough, it kept getting wobblier and wobblier and tonight it fell out while she was eating her chocolate cake for dessert! The tooth is missing now, we're not sure who ate it though - her or Aunty Talissa because they were sharing the same piece of cake! Lil was a little bit shocked and told us that she noticed something felt a bit funny so had a look in the mirror before she told anyone! A note has been written to the tooth fairy so hopefully she will remember to make a visit tonight...

Tommy: It has been a week of toilet training success - the last 5 days have been 100% accident-free and he is very confident to use the toilet now - yay! Most mornings he even wakes up dry, but I'm not ready to get rid of the night time nappies just yet.

Oscar: This week was Oscar's favourite day of school for the year - athletics carnival. He was pumped and put his best effort into all of his races, coming home with one first place, one second place and two third places. Last year he got a first and a second and was hoping to get a third so that he had a "complete set" of ribbons so was excited to achieve his goal this year! Looking at this photo makes me a little bit sad - his arms and legs are so long now but it cracks me up that he was racing in his hat!


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