Monday, 1 April 2013


A peek into some of our Easter festivities through Instagram:
 1. We were secretly "egged' by some unknown friends ** 2. Bunny origami (here) ** 3. Bunny garland (here) ** 4. We made chocolate easter nests to give to friends.
 1. Heavenly homemade hot-cross buns ** 2. An impromptu Easter tree on the table ** 3. Box-play keeps them busy on a school-free day ** 4. Chillin'
 1. Easter gifts in the mail from Great-Aunty Jenni ** 2, 3 & 4. More Easter gifts in the mail from Aunty Carli (lots of busy craft going on!)
 1. The traditional Easter PJs were finished in the nick of time ** 2 & 3. Easter Bunny came! 4. 1 hour after Easter Bunny came...L-R: Oscar, Lil, Tommy. I was always Tommy growing up and used to hate it when Filipa would pull her Easter stash out 1 month later!


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