Tuesday, 30 April 2013


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 1, 2, 3 & 4: I'm determined to be organised with family birthdays this year, so every couple of months I get ALL of the presents ready for the next few months, wrap them, pack them up and post them off.  And to save money on postage (Australia Post is a killer now!) I'll send all of the family member's presents in one parcel with instructions not to open until the big day(s)!  Usually I start off the year with good intentions, but by about now my enthusiasm has fizzled and the poor people with second half of the year birthdays miss out.  So far, it's working...
 1. My little house elves are finally paying off! ** 2. Tommy happily obliges to a quick trim at the family salon after he helped Jaron buy a new pair of clippers. ** 3 & 4. Cute face (and arm) painting.
 1. Big and little Tommy are smitten when they get to meet and jam with Lorin Nicholson - an inspirational blind guitarist. Little Tommy now wants a guitar for his birthday. ** 2. Lil gets clever and devises a sign so that "when you ask me to do stuff I can just hold it up!" ** 3. Smallies read together. ** 4. We took a little pre-baby trip to Hobart and the highlight was the hotel room and swimming pool!
1 & 2. Seems like there have been family birthdays galore in the last month with more to come in the next few weeks. On Sunday we celebrated both Jaron and little Nancy - I'll share the recipe for Jaron's triple chocolate mousse cake topped with fresh and chocolate-coated raspberries tomorrow!


Kelly said...

What great pics. That cake looks delicious. Mmmm.

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