Saturday, 27 April 2013

.Waterfall Blouse in yellow knit.

A few people have been asking me if the Waterfall Blouse pattern works in a knit fabric. The answer is yes! I had a go making one when I was just about finished writing up the pattern and it worked perfectly.
The only thing I did differently was to bind the neckline as I would usually bind a tshirt instead of using bias binding as the original pattern states.
I found that the shirt was way too long for my liking when made out of knit fabric - perhaps because of the way that it clings to your body more? So I ended up trimming a couple of inches off the length before hemming. I would also suggest going down a size for a more fitted top when using knit fabric. I sewed the same size I wear in woven fabric and it ended up pretty roomy, which is fine for maternity purposes, but I'd want it a little smaller if I wasn't pregnant.

One of my pattern testers used a knit fabric to test the pattern and she put a fitted waistband on the bottom of the top for hers. It looked amazing and I'm planning on using some of my left-over fabric to do the same once I'm not pregnant anymore to help the top look a little more fitted. 
These photos were taken 2 weeks ago...I'm amazed at how much I've grown in just 2 weeks - and scared to think about how much bigger I'm going to get with 4 weeks to go!!!


Joanne Chapman said...

That's really helpful Toni. Thought you may be interested that at my book club last night I was waxing on about this blouse and different versions I had planned and you know I think I have inspired two more " I have not sewn since school " ladies to have a go. Thery have been directed to your website. So hi for more sewing friends over the pond!! It's become a sewing revolution over here - The Great British Sewinf Bee ( thus named after the sew groups in the war ) programme is having a really positive effect !! Yeh!! Good luck with that bump !! Jo

Lesley said...

Wow looks fab, will have to give it a go in knit, ironing isn't what I love to do, rather be sewing :)

Kelly said...

It looks great Toni. I'm so scared of sewing with knits - I really must give it a go this year!

Carli said...

Cute belt! (and top) You will never get as humungous as you were with Lil so don't worry :)

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