Thursday, 23 May 2013

.40 weeks!.

Today we welcomed 40 weeks!
And are feeling ready to meet our little man. Yesterday I washed and put the baby hammock together so now he has somewhere snug to sleep when we get home. We used the hammock for Tommy and the kids can't remember it so thought it was all very exciting when we were assembling it. One of Lil's dolls is currently occupying it at the moment - luckily she doesn't wake for night time feeds!

We also got the baby bath out and gave it a wash...I'd be happy to wash the baby in the sink while it is little but I do like popping the bath on the table so that the kids can gather around and be a part of it. Tommy and Lil have been having a bath in the bath for the last few nights and then turn the baby bath into a boat and float around the big bath in it - great entertainment!
And I finished one more Baby Shower blanket because two just isn't enough.
So, while I could easily busy myself with odd jobs and sewing projects and more housework, I would happily have the baby tonight but I'm also content to wait for another week - it would just be nice to know WHEN that day is going to be! 

Make It Perfect, Baby Shower Creative Card
Ed Emberley, Happy Drawing Too, Sheep in Natural
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thingsforboys said...

good luck for whenever the time comes! You're right, the waiting and not knowing is the worst!

Monkeysinmypocket said...

wow! other peoples pregnancies always seem to go faster! good luck! hope he comes soon so we can see him wearing all those cute baby clothes you made!!

emjay1000 said...

Awesome! Dying to know his name!! You are looking very low now so I guess that just means he's coming very soon. I too naturally carry to 41 weeks. So I just expect that as part of my pregnancies. Good luck with the labour. X x

Anonymous said...

I've been through pregnancy and had a boy, and my bump was just like yours - still amazing when you think there's a whole little person in there though.

Erin said...

You look beautiful Toni. All the best for the safe arrival of your little treasure xo

Charlotte E said...

Oooh not long now hopefully. My sister in law gave birth today to a little girl, Elisabeth Rose. Its my husband's birthday today too so lots to celebrate.

Kelly said...

How exciting. It's so close now. Wishing you all the best for a safe delivery xxx

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