Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Some knitting projects to share with you today...
This Milo vest has been sitting waiting for two little ends to be woven in for 8 months! Ha! I did eventually finish it and luckily it was a little big for Lil back then because it fits her well now. Besides, it was too hot for her to wear it over the last 8 months anyway!
Such a great, quick and easy knit (super beginner-friendly if you are wanting to get into knitting) and I love working on circular needles. I used yarn from Bendigo - this one is Luxury 8 ply in Aquarium.
 I don't believe I've ever shared this Tea Party Skirt (pattern avaliable as a Creative Card) on my blog either. I think it's about 2 years old and still going strong - skirts fit girls forever!
And I've got to show you Lil's full outfit from last Sunday - we're always a bit mismatched over here, and I love it that way! I'm sure that in a few years she'll start deciding that colours and patterns have to "go together" so I'm making the most of her pulling together random clothing selections while she can get away with it!
Including heart-printed tights with her Saltwaters!
 And this little Milo was knitted for the bambino (because he really lacks clothing!) 
But I have seen some teeny baby boys wearing Milo vests and they are sooo cute that I had to make him one!
This yarn is also from Bendigo and is Alpaca Rich 8 ply in Rich Ocean. It is so small (I think I made the smallest size) that it was finished really quickly and used hardly any yarn...a great project to work on and add to the present box for other babies I think!


Kelly said...

Is there anything you can't do Toni? So beautiful!!

Nic said...

I knitted a newborn Milo for my baby a couple of weeks ago. Although my mum, grandmother and friends have knitted him things they're all too big at the moment - perfect in a couple of months. So I used some yarn from my stash and not many days later (I really wish I could knit and feed him at the same time!) he had a handknitted Milo that fits him now. Babies always look sweet in handknitted things.

Ange Moore said...

Oh I love, love, love the Rich Ocean yarn from Bendigo - I just need a project that's suitable and there'll be some winging it's way to my place!!

Love the Milo's and love the skirt, tights and big purple sandles!!

Rose said...

My daughter always chooses a very random non-matching selection of clothing to put together too. Love the skirt and the Milo.

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