Sunday, 19 May 2013

.Sweet Dreams flannel PJs.

Since cutting my old Sweet Dreams PJs up into little ones for Lil, I've been missing some snuggly, warm flannel jammies.
And it's getting colder at nights, so I had to dig into the stash and make myself a couple of new pairs.
And, no...I'm not going to model these for you - PJs + a heavily pregnant tummy don't look that flattering. But they are so comfortable to wear - I hang out for the end of the day when I can change into them!

I bought this fabric ages ago on sale with the intention to use it for PJs. I'm a big fan of anything Erin McMorris designs so when I saw her flannel on sale I stocked up.
I know I'll get good mileage out of them in the next few years - especially this winter when I'm in hibernation with a baby...may as well be comfy in style!
Make It Perfect, Sweet Dreams pattern
Erin McMorris flannel, Irving Street, Neigbourhood in orange
Erin McMorris flannel, Irving Street, Birds in yellow
Erin McMorris flannel, Greenhouse, Fruit Salad in royal
Erin McMorris flannel, Irving Street, City Stripe in pink


Jane said...

Oh, you know I don't think I realised you had a grownup PJs pattern... will have to get some of these for the shop! Best wishes for bubba :)

Jessica said...

Perfect timing, just bought a copy of your pattern and some flannel to make myself a pair for this winter.

Kelly said...

Absolutely gorgeous Toni!

Lisa - Plain Jane Creations said...

Now they look so warm and cosy. Great fabrics.

emjay1000 said...

Toni, do you top stitch where the bottom cuff joind the pants on all your pj's or just the flannel ones???

make it perfect said...

Depends what mood I'm in Maranda! I don't think I ever used to topstitch, but I usually do now on all the PJs.

Nick Taylor said...

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