Monday, 10 June 2013

.Harvey's first week.

We've survived two weeks of newborn-madness in the house. And apart from keeping kids fed and dressed, a semi-tidy house and lots of baby snuggles nothing else has been achieved! Harvey is two weeks old today and is already changing so much. He seems so much more awake and alert and this morning he cooed at me - not yet little boy! He has mostly been sleepy and settled, but he is super spewey and suffers with a bit of wind. Hopefully it will pass with time as his tummy matures and he gets used to life outside the womb. Our nights have been mostly pretty good, he feeds every 3-4 hours and is usually finished and back to sleep within 45 minutes. 
Tommy has been a bit of a handful, I thought he would be though. He has been the baby for so long and has really noticed a shift in family dynamics. He is much better towards me and the baby now, but is still very demanding of me and wanting to be doing something with me all the time. He loves Harvey though and since we came home from the hospital has been calling him Borris! Lil is a great little Mummy, loving lots of cuddles and admiring Harvey's every move. Oscar was a bit stand-offish to begin with, but that's normal for him when it comes to any sort of change and he gives us updates on what Harvey is doing all the time now.
So that's the quick update for now - we've been so blessed to have friends and family bring us meals around since Harvey was born and are back to the "new normal" this week - wish us luck! 
Here are some photos from Harvey's first week...
The kids first visit with Harvey in the hospital:
His first bath:
At home - 3 days old:
 1 week old:


Konnie Penney said...

I haven't been online much of late & have only just learnt of Harvey's birth reading your blog. Congratulations Coward Family!! He is gorgeous.Brings back memories of when our three were newborns. Enjoy the precious moments he will be grown up in no time xx

Marnie said...

Toni he is so so so adorable. Hope you are enjoying him, but coping OK with all the other demands that come with having four children. He is just precious.

Monkeysinmypocket said...

just gorgeous! makes me so emotional looking at your beautiful photos knowing I wont be doing all the newborn stuff ever again. Enjoy every second and hope things continue to go well for you and your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

He is a beautiful little man Toni.
I think he looks a lot like Oscar.
Put your feet up, and don't worry about the house, somebody will turn up and do things for you.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Saffron Craig Fabrics said...

beautiful pictures of your little one. So pleased for you. x x

The Kings said...

He is so cute Tone. Tommy looks so big now! Glad things are going okay. Hope the wind etc settles down soon. xxx

emjay1000 said...

He is just Gorgeous Toni. I love him! I love the little brown suit too, makes a change from all the usual colours. So funny about Tommy but so usual too for the youngest sibling. You guys all look happy. Take your time and don't stress about getting things done. Enjoy yourself. Have a good week x x x

Corrie said...

awwwwww congratulations! I'm so behind with all my news. Well he is just so precious. I love babies and he is just so good looking. And the smiles!!!!!

the early days are always such a killer.

congratulations, he really is a little blessing from heaven and has come to live with a beautiful family

Anonymous said...

He looks so snuggly!

Anonymous said...

Harvey is just adorable Tonz!! Love all these pics. cant wait to meet him one day! :) Love you. All the best to you & Jaron & your little gang of 4!! :) Love Emily Dee

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