Tuesday, 11 June 2013

.Tommy is Four!.

On Saturday we celebrated Tommy's 4th birthday. We were very conscious of making it extra special for him as he has had a big couple of weeks adjusting to the new baby so didn't want him to feel like he was missing out because we are tired - it was tough, being woken up early on a Saturday morning but we managed to drag ourselves out to the lounge room with cheery faces to watch him open his presents! Pete the Cat is an all time favourite in our house and he was very excited when he opened a new Pete the Cat book and toy. He also got a racing car track which I anticipated would give him hours of entertainment when the big kids are at school (so that I can sleep on the couch!) but so far Oscar has claimed it and Tommy has hardly used it!
Lunch request was McDonalds - we tried really had to convince him that a cafe would be much nicer but he had his mind made up!
And dinner time request was pancakes with strawberries - too easy!
We saved the birthday cake for Sunday evening so that we could share it with our extended family. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new birthday cake cookbook and it has been well-read ever since! Tommy choose "Pigs in Mud" from the book and I put Jaron on pig making/decorating duty - he always does a better job with the cakes than I do!
Tommy was very impressed until Uncle Ty stole one of the pig's heads and melted it into the pancakes he was making! 
Mum and Dad bought Tommy a ukulele for his birthday and it is by far his favourite present. He loves having things the same as Poppy Tom and declares that he and Poppy are "best friends" because they both have brown guitars with holes in them! Now, if Dad can teach him how to play it perhaps we will have a budding little musician in our home!
Happy Birthday little Tommy! You are a delight and need to stop growing up so fast!


Kayla Christie said...

happy birthday tommy!
that cake is super awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Tommy and and his grandfather.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Kelly said...

Very awesome cake. Happy Birthday Tommy!! xxx

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