Thursday, 20 June 2013

.Ottobre Design Age/Size Guide.

I made this print-out a few months ago when I was finding it difficult to select the size of Ottobre Design patterns. All of the pattern sizing in the Ottobre magazines is given by height measurement. Which is great if you have your kids avaliable to measure against, but most of my sewing takes place when they are at school or in bed so I'm usually stuck because I forget to measure them in advance! Then when I was doing lots of baby sewing, I was really confused by the sizing given and didn't know what was going to fit, but it turns out this size guide has worked really well.  

So, if you're stuck with sizing, hopefully this will help. Click on the image below to get the A4 image to print out and stick it with your Otto magazines for quick and easy reference!


Kristie said...

Thanks! Maybe now I'll actually tackle one of their patterns.

Lauren said...

This is wonderful - thanks! :)

Renee said...

Thank you for posting this - I'm waiting for my first Ottobre magazine to arrive. Trying to measure my uncooperative 22 month old will be interesting so it's great to have this guide as a back up!

Anonymous said...

A great idea except my son is 2 and a quarter but the height of a 4 year old - Ottobre didn't think of that one!

Angela said...

It's always such a headache sewing without correct measurments!
There's a very useful sizing comparison chart at this site which shows the difference between US and European sizes for children and the chart makes a comparison across all measurements.
I've used Burda and Ottobre a lot, but always thought size 50 was for premature babies!

OTTOBRE staff said...

I'd like to correct a bit your sizes versus ages. I'd rather recommed these more average ages, which are more accurant at least here in Europe.

Size Age
50 newborn
56 1-2 months
62 3-5 months
68 6-8 months
74 9-11 months
80 12-15 months
86 18 months
92 2 years
98 3 years
104 4 years
110 5 years
116 6 years
122 7 years
128 8 years
134 9 years
140 9-10 years
146 10 years
152 11 years
158 12 years

All kids are individuals, so their height does not always macht with average ages. We recommend to measure kids height and choose the size which is closest. Then you should measure kids circumferences and compare those to size charts. If she/he is slim, you can choose smaller size and draw hemlines, sleeves and pants bottom edges along the lines which is right by height.

You find all the size charts in inches and in centimetres here:

Best wishes from Finland.

Tuula from Ottobre design

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