Wednesday, 19 June 2013

.Sewing for baby: hoodie + superman.

This post didn't quite make it to the blog before Harvey was born, but here's the last of my baby sewing projects...
The pattern for this hooded jacket comes from Ottobre 4/2012 and is called "Pikku Lapanen." The pattern called for sweatshirt knit for the outer, but I used french terry lycra instead and lined it with jersey knit.
This one is a size 56 (00 - my sizing estimates were correct!) and will be perfect for throwing over outfits for extra warmth on cool days.
The pockets are completely decorative because what baby is going to stick his hands in his pockets?! But they are a cute detail nonetheless!

Just before Harvey was born I managed to squeeze in one last project in 000 size.
Another of my favourite sets - from The 1/2012 edition of Ottobre, "Little Houses Knit Pants" and "Bert Bodysuit with henley placket."
The super hero fabric came from Spoonflower here. It is so lovely and soft. I've been washing Tommy's Spoonflower knit tshirt a lot and it is fading but isn't terrible. If I'm not using the dryer (my new baby lifesaver!) then I almost always hang it inside out to dry so not sure if that is helping it from not fading as fast.
And that's it! Sewing projects have been non-existent over the last three weeks. I'm wondering how I will ever find the time/energy to create again, but I know it will happen with time! I do have a new pattern very close to being finished off so hopefully I'll be able to share that soon if the stars align and I find the motivation!


VickiT said...

They are just gorgeous and you are so clever Toni. Where do I get the patterns. Vicki Travers

Kuazue Mohd said...


Marnie said...

Those mitten pockets are adorable. Love to see them on that perfect little bubba of yours

~ Kim ~ said...

Wow, I love them, esp. the bodysuit. The red and blue together is awesome. I had grand dreams of sewing for my little boy but I had no time. He is now two and I've only just sewed up some knit shirts for him. I need better quality knits (and sewing skills) so they sit nicely but the Ottobre patterns are quite good in sizing.

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Toni - that jacket is ADORABLE. All your sewing for baby is so super impressive. I wish I was more into sewing when my babies were little. Although at least they don't grow so fast now! Get a little more wear out of each item.

ricky james said...

Wow, I love them They are just gorgeous and you are so clever.
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