Thursday, 13 June 2013

.Harvey models.

Photo overload alert! But it's just too hard to choose a couple of photos of this little lamb (Harvey's nickname due to sounding like a little baa-ing lamb when he cries).
So, guess what? The clothes fit! Yay! I thought we'd be waiting a few more weeks before he fit into the littlest creations I made for him, but the tiniest outfits are on him already - with plenty of growing room so we'll be getting lots of wear out of them.
Here's the little green and grey tractors set - get all the details here.
And the first set I made - with the off-centred placket but you can't really tell once it is on! Get all the details here.
Gotta fly - little lamb is squawking on my lap.  Time for another feed!


Ulla said...

Lovely! <3

thingsforboys said...

This post should say cuteness overload! I've been looking forward to all your action shots...more more more!! :)

AJ said...

Great colours on a little boys So cute!

Anonymous said...

So glad I got to meet your beautiful little man today Toni.
He is one gorgeous little baby.
Auntie Lorraine.

lisa said...

So happy for this brand new person added to your family! Congratulations! (You did a wonderful job on the clothes for him!)

Ashley said...

so fun to see him dressed in those adorable outfits you made! i can't wait to be able to dress our little one in that cute pink outfit you made! :)

Nettie's Blog said...

oh Tony he is a darling ..congratulations ..we have been away in NZ and i must have missed his birth the little model lamb XXXXXXX

Rose said...

V cute! Love the clothes too!
Following on from one of your older posts about knitting, I have discovered kelly brooker on ravelry, and she's got some cool patterns. I made the 'mudpuddles top' for my 18 mth old boy - not realising that it was more for girls, but never mind - and it was really easy and quick to knit. I am also planning to make my boy the 'tama' top, and another mudpuddles for my older girl, and also the scapulae cardigan. Think they are good things to do in the moments of time you get with v young children around.

HappilyNappily said...

Gorgeous..makes me want another bubba!! he is beautiful

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