Saturday, 27 July 2013

.Long Boards - winter edition.

This big boy of mine ONLY wears shorts. No matter the weather. Even on freezing cold, frosty mornings he runs along to school in a pair of shorts. We have to beg him to wear a jumper - before school I tell him to at least keep it on until I can't see him anymore!  
He seems to have either worn out or outgrown most of his shorts and requested some new ones. Not from the shop, but from my sewing machine. My kids think that all clothes come from my handiwork, last week Tommy had a new (store bought) beanie on and told one of our friends that Mummy made it!
I don't bother with any other pattern anymore. I love how my Long Boards look on the boys and the fact that they are a longer pair of shorts gives me a little sense of satisfaction that he is at least warm down to his knees! Plus, I love all of the details that make them look less "homemade."
Nice big pockets, fake fly stitching and practical knee patches. I have found that Oscar wears his shorts sooo much that it's best if I reinforce the crotch seam and where the pocket opening reaches the side seam in the shorts because there is a lot of stress in those areas - he's always got his hands in his pockets!
Because this house has turned into a house full of boys, I'm finding myself looking out for and grabbing more boy-friendly fabric now. Especially fabric for bigger boys. Sometimes it can be tricky to buy suitable fabric for them but I like a challenge! Shorts are the most popular item of clothing I sew for the boys using woven cotton fabric so I usually look out for fabric that will work well in a pair of shorts and figure that it will be used up eventually over the next 10 years!
Make It Perfect Long Boards pattern (avaliable as PDF download here)
Bonnie & Camille, Happy Go Lucky, Check in Navy/Lime
Michael Miller, Freestyle, Malibu


Kelly said...

They look fantastic Toni!

Chelsea Parsons said...

mini Dad! Getting so big Tone!

Hootnz said...

Yes my boys are the same. Especially the second who I also beg to wear a jumper! Lovely pair of shorts and I agree with the extra reinforcements, I also need to do that when making them shorts. It's great though that they appreciate homemade isn't it?! :))

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