Tuesday, 20 August 2013

.a fancy ribbon skirt.

My time at the sewing machine is limited at the moment. I can hardly believe I managed to write my book when Tommy was a baby! Having a deadline definitley helped, life was a lot cruiser then too though. We didn't have school drop offs and pick ups, soccer training, home readers, school lunches and all of the other little things that take up your time as your kids get older. Once all of those necessary demands come into play then time just seems to slip away! 

I do love to try and squeeze in a little sewing here and there though, even if it is just a quick 10 minutes at the machine or sorting through fabric to decide what project to tackle when I next have the time. Harvey is an angel, he is fairly predictable and feeds every 3 hours during the day but his day naps are not so good. I think it's probably due to the fact that we are in and out all day with dropping off and picking up kids that he doesn't have a chance to really get into a good sleeping routine. He's into cat-napping and rarely sleeps for more than an 45-60 minutes at a time, I'm hoping that resolves itself as he gets older and has fewer naps that become longer in duration. Needless to say, all of my sewing projects have been quickies lately!

My inspiration for this skirt came from this skirt here. My skirt definitley doesn't compare in detail or workmanship, but we love it all the same and it literally took me under 1 hour to complete!
The actual skirt was super simple - just two rectangles sewn together with an elastic waistband! Sometimes simple is best though, and with all the ribbon busyness I think it works really well.
My ribbon stash is crazy and my ribbon box is overflowing so it felt good to dig around in there and  use up some of them! I sewed the ribbons onto the front of the skirt using a zig-zag stitch between each one before I sewed the skirt together. You can't see it very well, but the hem is sewn down using a decorative crown stitch. Lil asked me if she could get out her textas and colour each crown in a different colour. I said no.
I used a gorgeous chambray fabric from Robert Kaufman for the skirt, it is called "Speck Indigo" and has small flecks of coloured thread through the denim. It is also a nice, lightweight and doesn't crush too badly. I stocked up on a few Robert Kaufman chambray prints because I know they will always come in handy and will be especially useful for sewing clothing for myself.

So there you have it - the story of a quick fancy ribbon skirt!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely skirt and it looks just like the original!

Little Munchkins said...

I love the idea of using all those ribbons in my stash on a skirt. Now if only I can convince my daughter to wear a skirt, then I would most definitely sew one up!

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