Thursday, 15 August 2013

.My quest to keep him warm!.

In my quest to keep the boy who only wears shorts and a tshirt warm, another Hero Vest was in order. It has been sitting in his cupboard for 2 months and he has worn it a total of zero times. Which I kind of expected anyway and don't really mind because he can pass it down to Tommy in a few years time and it will still be in perfect condition!
I really just needed to make one in his size to test the fit when I was developing the pattern - having a heap of kids in different sizes really helps for testing pattern sizing!
I used grey knit for the exterior and Hilco fabric for the ribbing. The lime green polar fleece was from Lincraft online.
Oscar did think that it was cool and said he would wear it...if he got cold! We've had some really cold, rainy weather lately so maybe I could trick him into wearing it once or twice before winter is finished just for the satisfaction of seeing him in it!
Make It Perfect, Hero Vest pattern
Stella knit in grey marle
Hilco Ribbing in blue/lime
Polar fleece in lime green 


Anonymous said...

He is a very very handsome young man, a heartbreaker in the making.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

Iprefervintage said...

Winter? I see green grass and a boy in shorts. Oh, how I wish I could experience like that.

Some day I must visit Australia. I'll bet it's beautiful there.

Anonymous said...

He is just like one of my boys. Shorts all winter long. Love this new pattern. Thanks for so many great options for boys.

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