Tuesday, 6 August 2013

.Lil is six.

Our little miss turned six on the weekend. She is a delight and we thought it was time for her to have a special birthday party with some little friends from school. I told her that she could invite six people to her party, and she choose six of her friends but she is such a social butterfly and a couple of days before the party she asked me to go and talk to some of the kids in her class...the kids told me that Lil had asked them to ask me if they could come to the party too! Sneaky little thing! Talk about awkward moment but I somehow managed to weasel my way out of it without ending up with the whole class at our house on a Friday afternoon! She's like that - always full of funny surprises!
I'm ever so grateful for all of the wonderful ideas I have pinned over time...it makes party planning so much easier especially with limited time and a new baby in the house.
We decided on a rainbow theme and used these great printable rainbow invitations. Aren't they cool?
The cake was a rainbow too - really easy to make and all cut from a circle shaped buttercake. I had fun piping the colours of the rainbow - will definitley be getting out the piping bag more for cakes in the future now! It would have been such a pain to wash the piping bag between each colour, Mum came up with the great idea of using the piping bag tip in a little snaplock bag instead so there was no messy washing up - we even coloured the icing in the bag!
For decorations, I made our usual party banner and threaded balloons together to hang up across the dining area.

Lil had the best time at her party and was looking forward to it for so long - here she is blowing out her candles. She had trouble getting them all to blow out and got the giggles!
The party bags had some pretty Citrus Pop clips and a few lollies in them. The girls also got to take home a little paper doll dress up kit. They turned out really cute with little people and animals printed out on cardboard (free download here), a stick of glue and lots of fabric, ribbons, buttons, etc. to cut out and make clothes to stick onto them.

Lil's actual birthday was on Saturday. When we told her we could do anything on her birthday she decided she just wanted to stay home and play with her presents! Which ended up being a good thing because Oscar was sick and it was freezing cold and poured down with rain all day so was nice to shelter at home for the day.
The birthday celebrations continued on until Sunday at family dinner with a big chocolate lolly cake to share. The lolly cake was a birthday tradition in our family as we got older and I can see why now - it is the easiest decorated cake to make and looks and tastes delicious!
Lil is at a really lovely stage at the moment. She has the best sense of humour and loves to have a laugh. She is starting to have more grown-up conversations which is really nice too. And she is a total ditz which always cracks us up! Love you six year old Lil!


Kayla Christie said...

happy belated birthday lil! that lolly cake is such a good quick idea!

Jay said...

Gorgeous cake! So creative!

~ Kim ~ said...

I love the cake. How awesome does it look! Happy Birthday. Go mum!

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