Thursday, 21 November 2013

.Old Granny.

Today we remember my Old Granny and celebrate 81st birthday.
Her name is Marie (pronounced mar-ee) and she passed away when I was 5 years old.

{Grandad remarried a few years after Old Granny died, which I guess is the reason my young siblings and I nicknamed her "Old Granny" not to be confused with the new!}

Being so young, I don't remember a lot about her. But I do remember soft cuddles and when she would drive us in the car without touching the steering wheel and amaze us with her "no hands" trick! I do have a vague memory of sitting in the chapel at her funeral and the coffin sitting at the front of the room. Mum says that at the beginning of the funeral, I said is a very loud (and I'm sure, high pitched) voice "I know who's in that box!"
{Lil was sure this photo of Carli and I was a photo of her and Maya!}
I do know that she was loved by all. She was a spectacular Mother, and yearned so much for Motherhood. After difficulty having her own children she adopted 3 more who are as much a part of our family as everyone else.
I have always loved this photo - I love that it's not all smiles and posing. And I love the vintage house details and reminder that we are so very fortunate. Grandad says that they had just moved to Tasmania from Sydney and it was freezing cold. This photo was taken on Christmas Day and Granny was so cold (I think there was snow on the mountains) and grumpy about it that she spent the day with her feet in a bucket of hot water trying to keep warm!
Grandad and Granny have just been visiting us from Sydney and being Old Granny's birthday this week, it was the perfect time for a family visit to the cemetery for FHE.
We cleaned up her (ahem!) slightly overgrown grave and Grandad told us stories about they met, their careers, membership in the gospel, family and other fond memories.
The rain started sprinkling down while we were there. Just light enough not to be a bother but enough to remind us that although the memories are sweet, her departure is just as sad and difficult for those left behind, particularly Grandad and her five children.
Before we left home, I sent the kids over to our neighbour's house to collect flowers for the grave. (Our garden is low in the floral department and Mrs Polley is away for a few months and won't mind!) Lil carefully placed the flowers in an Urban Flower-worthy arrangement.

Grandad asked us to visit her grave more often and talk to her, he said that it is important that we talk to her. And we will. I know I still have a lot to learn about life and sacrifice and commitment from her and Grandad. Their lives were 100% devoted to family and the church.
I wish my memories of Old Granny weren't 26 years old. I wish she could hold her great-grandchildren and share her mothering advice with us and be the one telling us that she hated being cold when they moved to Tasmania. 
But we have stories and memories and a growing family, Marie June...your legacy lives on. I hope we make you proud.


VickiT said...

What a lovely post Toni. I remember Marie well and can still remember having to go get Chick from out of the chapel to go home on the day that she passed away. She was a lovely lady. You are already doing her proud. You're an awesome mum. Vicki Travers

MattP said...

Thanks for this great post, Toni. It brings back many memories of Mum and her pioneering legacy of faith, dedication and hard work which continues to be an inspiration in my life. I can recall clearly the great love she had for Carli, Hamish and yourself; her first grandchildren which she pampered at every opportunity.

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