Friday, 21 February 2014

.Harvey: 8 months.

Look at the 8 month old boof! This month has been know that time you are always waiting for when most of the bad habits are eradicated and you feel like you can breathe again!
When we got home from New Zealand there was finally a break-through in Harvey's bad sleeping habits. I think the first few days after being home he was totally exhausted about being away and having rotten sleeps for 2 weeks and sunk into his cot and slept, and slept, and slept. I think that a few days of awesome sleeping seemed to kick his body clock into gear and he worked out how to put more than one sleep cycle together...or maybe it was just going to happen anyway? Either way, it is pure and utter bliss to put him down for a nap and know that he is going to sleep for more than 20-40 minutes. There is finally a routine to his day which makes things so much easier to work around. He has two naps a day now which are usually each 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours long, goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps all night until about 6am. FINALLY!
Harvey continues on his happy eating rampage, he is such a good eater and will greedily gobble up anything that is placed in front of him! He isn't fussed about texture or lumps in his foods and munches away until it is all gone, despite having no teeth yet! And when the food is gone he always lets out an ear piercing scream for more!
He is crawling like a gun now too, nothing stops him. If he wants to be somewhere he will push and cram his way through until he makes his destination! He loves pulling himself up onto furniture and having a good look around and has started being more confident walking around holding onto things too.
We do love him so, even though his chubby cheeks and big lips are getting smaller every month!


Peg said...

Oh I do love little Harvey's cheeky, chubby face. I know it's so tiring when they don't sleep well our youngest was like this and a screamer if he didn't get his own way, actually even at 41 he still likes his own way lol.
Hold on to the good days he'll start to grow up all of a sudden and you'll wonder where the time went :).

Peg x

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