Monday, 17 February 2014

.Harvey in Vikings and Velour.

I'm back with the spoiled baby. How can you not spoil a baby though? He's too cute and I've got to get the most of sewing using cute prints in while he's small enough to pull them off!
And finally anything I sew for him is lasting more than a couple of months before he grows too big. I think I'll definitley be getting a good 6 or more months out of each size now which makes it worthwhile.
I love the style of these tops, it's all about a easy-fitting neckline and the neckline on these are great with the binding extending across one shoulder seam, fastening with snaps.

The viking print is from Lillestoff and is one of my favourites, I made a tiny little suit for Harvey when he was a newborn which didn't get worn nearly enough. I'll be saving it for the Grandkids! The blue stripe is from Hilco.
I've used this pattern before and I'm sure I'll be using it again. It is from Ottobre 4/2011, Baby Basics T-shirt.

I made the pants out of some grey velour from Hilco that I have been hanging onto for way too long to make a pair of trackies for myself. I got the fabric as part of a sponsored blog post and love it so am glad to finally have cut into a little bit. And I've probably got enough to make Harvey a pair of pants in every size until he is 4 so watch out!
It is a lovely fabric though, nice and thick and warm. And the pants include cute little pockets that are highly impractical but extremely cute.

This pattern comes from Ottobre3/2012 Koala Velour Pants. Another "basics" wardrobe item that will become a comfy staple. This is the second time I've made them - first pair here.
I guess one good thing about our unpredictable weather is that ALL season clothing is needed during summer so nothing goes to waste!


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