Monday, 24 March 2014

.Back to it!.

We are nearing the end of first term but I couldn't let a year pass without blogging the traditional first day of school photos.
This year Oscar is in grade 3, Lil is in grade 1 and Tommy has finally started his first year of school and is in Kindergarten. Tommy has been waiting and waiting and waiting for school for ages...he has been through all of the pre-kinder and kinder years with Oscar and Lil and we endured many, many tantrums when it was time to go home because he always wanted to stay at school with the kids.
We are so blessed this year - the kids all have the most amazing teachers and all three of them love to go each morning. Even Oscar, who wasn't that keen on school last year is so enthusiastic this year, he gets on really well with his teacher and looks forward to all of the interesting things she has planned for them each day.
I love the height difference in the photo below - there is exactly the same age gap between Oscar and Lil as there is between Lil and Tommy (22 months) but Lil is such a shortie she looks like she should be closer to Tommy's age! People are starting to ask us if her and Tommy are twins now!!
After the first week of school, I decided that we needed some kind of chart to help the kids get themselves ready in the morning before they were allowed to do other things so I made up some "Morning Routine" charts:

They are working a treat! I have laminated the charts and stuck them to the pantry door. We keep whiteboard markers on a nearby bench and as the kids complete each task they give themselves a tick in the corresponding circle. At the moment the deal is that they can't play or watch any TV until they have all of their ticks for the morning. Most days Oscar and Lil are up and completely ready by 7:30am! It really makes the mornings a lot less stressful when I'm not having to nag them over and over again to get ready.
It's working so well for now, if the novelty wears off then I'll change the incentive around...maybe a weeks worth of ticks will gain a lunch order or special treat after school on Friday or a special activity on Saturday.


Karen O'Farrell said...

I love it, have to give it a try myself..

Carmen said...

Love it! Any chance we can download a copy for ourselves?

Jumping Castles said...

They are so lovely! They seem so excited about their first day of school.

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