Saturday, 19 April 2014

.Harvey Charles: 10 months.

I was a bit late taking 10 month photos of Harvey. The change in weather has meant cooler nights and always a runny nose so I was trying to wait for it to clear up (vain, I know!) In the end, I just took the photos with the runny nose, blotchy cheeks and watery eyes! I'll always remember him as a 10 month old with a cold!
 (Kisuliini Raglan-Sleeve Bodysuit from Ottobre 6/2012. Sewn with Knights & Dragons knit from Lillestoff)
Harves is turning into a little monkey. He is pretty cruisy and seems to take busy family life as the baby of four in his stride.
This month Harvey has started rocking back and forth on all fours. We initially thought he was doing it as a funny dance move but later realised that he does it as a form of comfort. Lil sometimes sleeps in his room and would come out of bed during the night telling us that Harvey was rocking on all fours in his sleep! Then he would stop and lie down and keep sleeping. He has rocked himself to sleep all over the house...on the loungeroom floor and even on the concrete floor in the garage! It's a handy cue for me to know when he is tired and ready to go to bed - as long as he doesn't put himself to sleep before I get to him!

He is talking a lot more now and starting to babble a lot of sounds. His most frequent word sounds similar to "more" and he says it in between mouthfuls of food!
His favourite thing of all time to do is cruise around the backyard when the kids are home from school. As soon as that sliding door to the deck is opened, he is out and will happily crawl around all afternoon if his brothers or sister are playing out there. Yesterday I think we had to change his pants four times because he kept getting wet! Time to invest in some waterproof pants I think!


Kathryn said...

Not at all playing favorites here, but I think he's your cutest one yet.... that means you can't stop at him Tone!!


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