Tuesday, 15 April 2014

.Rainbow Looms for Easter.

So, we are super late to join the Rainbow Loom party. My kids have been asking for months if they can have one but I have been saying no, no, no - much to their dissatisfaction! I really wanted a loom in the house though because I love it when the kids get crafty (and I'm looking forward to joining in too!) but I didn't want to give them something for no reason...trying to teach them that we don't follow school fads. I bought a loom kit a couple of months ago to put away for Lil's birthday - but August is soooo long away and Oscar is really into these loom bands too so I bought a couple more kits and put them away for Easter instead. 
This year for Easter the kids aren't getting too much in the way of chocolate, they will get a loom kit and a special book each too. Easter falls at the beginning of our school holidays and this is part of my clever plan to keep them occupied (for a few days anyway!) I like to sew something for the kids for Easter, usually pyjamas but they don't need new ones at the moment so I decided to try out Anna's new Road Trip Case pattern instead.
There are a couple of different pocket variations that you can make the Road Trip Cases with, the one I've used here is designed specifically to house all the Rainbow Loom bits and pieces.
I love that these are portable and organised - hopefully making clean up time that little bit easier!

My favourite feature is the clear, zippered pocket - love seeing all those colourful bands when you open it up!

This is another great pattern from Anna (I've sewn a couple of her bags here and here), it was a little bit time consuming, but not difficult and all of the detail is worth it. Well, maybe it wouldn't have been as time consuming if I wasn't sewing three at once! Lucky Harvey isn't big enough for something like this yet! I choose fabric and cut everything out on a Friday night, did most of the sewing the next afternoon and then finished them off on Sunday night. So all done and dusted in a weekend!
I'm looking forward to the kids excitement when they get these on the weekend...well, they will probably be more excited about the looms than the cases but I'll be happy anyway!


Ange Moore said...

These are next on my sewing list!! I found some storage cases at Spotlight that are slightly smaller than the one Anna used but they have 7 divided compartments inside and are a bit smaller than the rainbow loom - they were with the beads in the Hobart store!

Anna said...

Love these so much Toni!!! You're kids will go crazy for them. I adore your fabric picks, too, just perfect. :)

~ Kim ~ said...

We are late to the party too but I learned how to make a mini cross with them so it's ok by daddy! The cases look great.

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