Friday, 4 April 2014

.Mini Shearwater made a long time ago.

It's not very often that I leave projects unfinished. I am quite methodical in my sewing and make sure that I completely finish off a project before starting the next, it's just how I do it and works well for me. If I have unfinished projects lying around I feel unorganised and like I am running behind all the time.

After telling you that, I bet you don't believe that I actually designed and wrote the pattern for the Mini Shearwater Kaftan 2 years ago?! It was never going to be released in my regular pattern range, but time passed and things got busier and I decided that I should get it out there rather than hang onto it for another day.
And here's the proof - this is little Lil! She was soooo cute (well she still is cute but she is big-girl cute now, not little girl cute.) This kaftan was made using cotton voile fabric, lovely and light-weight for warm weather. Or you can pop a plain tshirt underneath for a bit of extra warmth like we did here.

Don't forget the the Mini Shearwater Kaftan pattern is on sale for just $9 until Sunday night!
Make It Perfect, Mini Shearwater Kaftan pattern
Anna Maria Horner, Little Folks Voile, Baby Bouquet Sweet


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