Monday, 7 April 2014

.Necklace in a Jar Gift

I'm a big fan of gifts "in-a-box" or "in-a-jar" they are a fun and interactive surprise for the recipient. Recently I made a "Necklace in a Jar" gift for a special friend of mine. 
Included in the jar were a heap of handmade polymer clay beads, some wooden geometric and circular beads, leather necklace cording and a set of instructions to make your own necklace.

The amount of necklaces you can make up with this jar full of beads is endless - meaning that you can literally have a necklace that matches every single outfit in your wardrobe! This is a great gift for someone if you aren't sure about what colours they would usually wear - be creative about what you put in it too...I'm sure you could hunt around your favourite craft stores and find lots of fun beads, pendants and charms to include!


Bekka Joy said...

Love this idea! :)

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