Wednesday, 30 April 2014

.Wholefood Simply - the cookbook.

Wholefood Simply - the cookbook. If you are interested in healthy eating without feeling like you are missing out on "treats" then this cookbook is for you.
I've been a reader of the Wholefood Simply blog for awhile now and have tried many of their recipes. Recently I received a copy of the new Wholefood Simply cookbook to review and it is awesome. Bianca Slade is the author and creator of Wholefood Simply and she is doing all the right things. Providing us with super simple, easy to cook recipes that focus on eating whole foods (not processed junk) yet still taste great. Wholefood Simply has really taken off in the last year or so, ticking all the boxes for people dealing with allergies and food intolerance as well as for people who simply want to make healthier eating choices. I'm the first to admit that I have a sugar addiction and love my sweet treats, when ever I get on a sugar-free kick I always turn to Wholefood Simply to provide me with some alternative snack and sweet foods that will satisfy my sweet cravings!
The cookbook is made up of 50 of the most popular Wholefood Simply recipes. I started to put a marker in the pages of the recipes I wanted to try and ended up giving up because I was marking more pages than I was skipping! The Crispy Crunchy Crackers (pictured above) looked quick and easy and I knew they would be a great snack for Harvey especially when he started to get whingey around dinner cooking time - a good cracker to break bits off and throw to him on the floor while he sits at my feet and waits for dinner! They are just as the name suggests - crispy and crunchy, a little bit sweet and choc-a-block full of my favourite chia seeds that will fill you up for a long time.
I also wanted to make another batch of lemon slice - I've made it before and it is my absolute favourite. I love lemon anything and this slice is great. Especially because it's healthy, but still really rich and sweet. I substitute the maple syrup for rice malt syrup because I prefer the subtle flavour but other than that, it's a great guilt-free sweet treat...eating a piece is just like grabbing a handful of macadamia nuts, dates and coconut. I like eating it from the fridge rather than the freezer because I don't like frozen treats much, I also think the flavours are more intense when it isn't frozen. Anyway, the flavours in this slice get better over a few days, so make sure you don't eat it all at once!
Caramel slice, baked banana custard, coconut ice, chocolate mousse, jersey caramels, date & orange muffins, raspberry bliss icecream and so much more - Wholefood Simply is a delicious guilt-free, clean-eating cookbook that will be enjoyed by all. 

You can purchase a copy of the book here

Check out and try heaps of Wholefood Simply recipes here. And make sure you look out for the second Wholefood Simply cookbook that will be released very soon - Wholefood Simply Mixed.

I'm off to nibble a piece of lemon slice before dinner...because it's good for me, right?!


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