Friday, 2 May 2014

.A Hero Vest for Harvey

Out of all of the clothing that I sew, I love making things for cold weather wearing. Not sure why, I think I like being able to create something cosy that will keep the wearer nice and warm.
I love Hero Vests for my kids. The older three always wear theirs (even Oscar, the cold-lover will slip his on from time to time!) and I knew that Harvey would benefit from one now that the weather has turned a lot cooler.
He is getting tricky to take photos of now he moves way to fast!
This Hero Vest is super snuggly. I had a little strip of left-over fleece left over from the kid's blankets and was able to use it to line Harvey's Hero Vest.
For the exterior fabric, I used some grey interlock that has been going strong for ages...I've also used it to make Tommy some PJs and Harvey some trackies and still have a little left! It is a grey interlock that I bought from Crafty Mamas a long time ago and is lovely quality but I don't always love interlock. It is great to sew with but I find it tends to stretch out over time. I'm happy to use it when the edges are being bound with ribbing or a jersey band though as it doesn't stretch when it is being held in place by a more stable knit. It is so lovely and soft though. The green ribbing was also from Crafty Mamas.
 If you've got kids to sew for as the weather gets cooler, I highly recommend a Hero Vest. It's easy to layer over a long-sleeved tshirt, keeping them warm without the restrictions of a big jacket.
The hood is great, but Harvey hates keeping it on! He will learn...
I recommend sewing a size bigger than you usually would for this pattern because the vest is designed to be layered over other clothing. This is a size 1 and Harvey is just starting to wear some size 1 clothes. I love the change in seasons...lots of sewing for me to do to update the wardrobes ready for the Winter months ahead!
Make It Perfect, Hero Vest pattern (avaliable as an instant download here
Grey interlock knit
Lime green ribbing
Grey chevron fleece


Sara said...

He is such a cutie! And I love this vest! I definitely have to make this for my son. I am trying to sew more for him since his sisters get all the sewing from this mama...

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