Thursday, 15 May 2014

Harvey Charles: 11 months

In Harvey's 11th month, I turned to sultanas for help when taking photos! He had never had them before and was enthralled by their sweetness, meaning that he sat still for a couple of minutes while I went snap happy!
This month Harvey started taking a few wobbly steps on his own. Very cute and with the kids on school holidays, they were all over him with an intense walking training programme!
Where ever I go in the house, Harvey is never far behind. He knows when I am in the bathroom and sits at the door trying to get in! I love this age. My favourite baby ages would have to be sleepy newborn 0-4 months and around 10 months when they start to get more independent. The six months in between seem to be the hardest for me, until baby learns to crawl and is happy to move himself around the house. Then it gets easier again. I'm excited about the next few months, when Harvey will really start to explore and discover new things - at the moment he is kept entertained for ages playing in the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.
(Ninja top sewn from an old faithful Ottobre pattern. It comes from Ottobre 4/2011, Baby Basics T-shirt and the funky Ninja fabric is a knit by Lillestoff.)

Harvey always gets excited to see his brothers and sister after school and spends the afternoon crawling around after them. I love it when it is a warm afternoon and he can play in the backyard with them!

He tries to copy things that we say or noises that we make now - and is very good at copying squealing! It's really cute to hear him forming sounds and mimicking some of the things we say to him all the time.
And even though he is pretty independent and likes to do his own thing, he still loves a snuggle and will happily bury his head into your neck when you snuggle him.
You know what I love about having four kids? By the time you've got that fourth baby, you know that time flies and you need to appreciate every little moment (good and bad) with the baby because soon enough he will be a big boy and you only get to do the baby stage so many times. It's hard and exhausting work, but so special and so rewarding too.
And before you know it - they will be turning 1! Like in 12 days!!! I am in denial...


Erin said...
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Erin said...

I hear you Toni... my boys are growing so quickly too. It is kind of exciting though, knowing all the great things that are ahead! XO

Winter Tree, said...

Lovely pics, my little chap turns one on 27th too so I am enjoying Harvey's progress, cool to compare notes :)

~ Kim ~ said...

He is adorable!. Yes, I am learning to appreciate how fast they are growing up and how to spend more time adoring them instead of yelling at them! LOL. It's hard when you have four but it's lovely to spend time with them and enjoy being a mother. Hope he is a good baby for you.

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