Friday, 16 May 2014

.Essential Shorts + Kollabora.

I've got so much to blog about lately but don't seem to find the time for it! Today I want to share with you some awesome Essential Shorts made by one of my pattern testers (and friends!) Marnie from Horris & Deedle.
Marnie is a skilled seamstress and her feedback is always valued. She has tested just about all of my patterns in the last two years and is one of the fastest sewers around!
I really love these chevron ones, I thought I had gone off chevron after the sewing world went crazy for it, but these shorts revive my interest!
These floral shorts are gorgeous too, I would never have thought to use a floral print for shorts, but you can totally pull them off on a hot Summer day paired with a plain tee and pair of sandals.
And then she went a little bit further, pulled out some rayon challis and did a bit of pattern hacking incorporating a favourite Harem Pants pattern in her stash and made a gorgeous pair of pants too. Love them!

It's too cold for shorts weather down here at the moment but I'm sure that someone, somewhere in the world is waking up to beautiful sunshine and might appreciate a bit of shorts inspiration!

While I am actually blogging, I wanted to make you familiar with Kollabora (if you haven't already been over there for a look.)
I'd heard about and had a little look around the website a few times in the last month or so but tried to stay away from another place to get lost on the web! Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up signing up and think that it is the BEST place to share crafty projects and gain inspiration for your next project. Seriously, if you like to make ANYTHING, get over there and sign yourself sum it up it is kind of like Pinterest for crafty stuff only. You follow makers and brands that you like, add projects to your favourites, form collections of different themes and basically get inspired! I'm loving it and spend way more time there than on Pinterest now. 

You can see my personal page here - It took me awhile to add all of those projects, but I think it's pretty cool getting a snapshot of everything on one page.

And my Make It Perfect brand page is here. Yep, you can even purchase PDF patterns on Kollabora!

If you join or are already on Kollabora, send me a link to your page so I can follow up and keep updated on your crafty endeavours!


Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

I discovered Kollabora for Selfish Sewing Week. It's great but like you was worried about ANOTHER site to follow (waste time on!) haha. This is my profile if you want to have a look but I only have three projects on there at the mo :)

Anonymous said...

Once summer comes around again I will definitely be sewing up a pair or two of these shorts! My kollabora link is

Jane said...

Oh dear, looks like I may have to check out Kollabora! Love the pants version of your shorts, I have been thinking about the idea of some linen pants from the pattern.

BumbleBri said...

This is a wonderful project! I especially love the pants! This all makes me wish so badly that I could sew!

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