Thursday, 29 May 2014

.Little Dino-Dude.

My Harvey sewing has slowed down considerably now that he isn't growing as fast. (He turned ONE this week! I'll blog about it soon, but you can see some pics on Instagram if you're interested.) It's kind of nice knowing that what ever I sew him now should fit for the next year and not just a few months! I pulled out the size one hand-me downs from the boys last month and found that most of them have seen their day. Funny how you think they are still good when they are packed away but realise how faded, stretched and worn they are when you pull them out a few years later!
I sewed this top using a pattern from Ottobre 1/2011 called "White Rabbit". The neck is a bit tight though, if I can be bothered, I might take the binding off and widen it all a bit so that it isn't so hard to put on and take off! Instead of using ribbing for the arm cuffs and neckband, I just used jersey.
I hemmed this top using a mock coverstitch on my sewing machine, love how it looks and because it is thicker than a straight stitch (I usually use a triple straight stitch for hems) it doesn't seem to flip up as much as other hems do. The fabric is DinoBones from Lillestoff.
The little cord pants were really quick to make. They fit really well everywhere but seem a little bit short. There is a panel in the knee of the pants where the cord is cut in the opposite direction, creating a nice feature. This is important because, along with all the topstitching it makes the pants look a little less "homemade" and without it they would just be a basic pair of elastic-waisted pants and look a bit pyjamaish!
The pattern for these are from Ottobre 4/2011: Ever Grey Corduroy Pants. It is a really good, basic pants pattern for little boys and would look great made up in any woven fabrics - denim would be cute too! I've had this cord in my stash for a long time but think it was from Spotlight. It's actually a little thin and not so good for a crawling baby, the knees are already a little worn but he won't be wearing these for too long and I cut them out of a scrap of left-over fabric so not a big deal!
As usual, the Lillestoff fabric came from Crafty Mamas and I'm sewing with novelty prints as much as I can while he's small enough to pull them off!


Crafty Mama said...

Beautiful as always Toni, your little guy is getting so big!

Lisa xx

Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

Sooo adorable! I love seeing your Harvey posts. My little man is only a couple of months younger than him. And your lillestoff creations are always so gorgeous - definitely think I need to invest in some soon!

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