Wednesday, 4 June 2014


And just like that, our baby turned one.
It was a happy day, but a bit sad that our baby is gone now. Way too fast. Lucky he gets cuter and funnier and cuddlier every day, but he could just stop growing a little bit.
Harvey's first birthday was great, he had a 2 hour sleep in the morning and a 1 hour and 45 minute sleep in the afternoon and I got lots of housework and cooking and sewing done. Bliss. (For me anyway!) We had some raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes for his birthday cake that night, because there were raspberries in them I didn't feel so bad that he ate a whole one - and I left the icing off his. I've been pretty strict with Harvey's diet and this was the first cake that he has had. Needless to say, he loved it after squishing it up and making a lovely first birthday mess. 
I like to save the "fancy" cake for Sunday night because that is when we get together for family dinner so there are more people to help us eat it!
We have had birthday after birthday to celebrate over the last couple of months and were getting a bit sick of buttercake and sweet, buttery icing so I made an orange and poppyseed cake for Harvey and tinted the cream cheese icing blue! It was weird to look at but was a nice change from a plain cake! The cake was loosely based on one from our Women's Weekly cake book (it's a great book) except I wanted my cake to stay circular (not a fan of cutting cakes into shapes!) so made my own version of the little monster (or is it an alien?)
Harves loved all of the singing and attention.
Happy birthday big boy! We love you! 
(And I'll be back to share his 12 months photos very soon.)


MaçãPipoca said...

Beautifull baby and beautifull cake! =)
Happy birthday for your little boy =)
I like your blog very much!


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