Monday, 5 May 2014

.Morning Routine Charts.

Our Morning Routine Charts are a lifesaver on school mornings. We have been using them for a whole school term now and have really turned into a part of our everyday routine. I love that I don't have to ask or remind the kids to get ready and organised in the morning over and over again. The know that as soon as they get up in the morning they have to go to their chart and start ticking everything off. Once they have got all of their ticks for the morning, they are allowed to watch a little bit of TV, but it has to be turned off at 8am so there is even more incentive for them to get ready quickly!

Letting them watch a little bit of TV in the morning is working for now, later on I might mix it up a bit and let them have a lunch order at the end of the week if they get all of their ticks or take them for a milkshake after school on Friday or something like that.

After the initial posting of our Morning Routine Charts I had lots of requests for people to be able to download these for themselves. We have just finished school holidays, and none of us were looking forward to getting up and organised early this morning (although, the pay off for a quiet, clean house right now is feeling kind of worth it!) however, the kids jumped straight back into their charts this morning and it was nice not to have to remind them to do simple things like brushing their teeth or having breakfast!

So, if you want to instill a bit of calm into the busy school mornings, I suggest you choose a chart or two (I've given you six to choose from so that everyone can have their own colour), print it off and get ticking! I laminated ours and have stuck them to the pantry door. We keep a jar of whiteboard markers on the bench nearby that are used for the ticking and simply wipe them clean at the end of each week!

Here's to happy, organised homes!
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Anonymous said...

Thankyou these could not be more perfect, I had meant to make some for my kids over the weekend and these are just what I wanted but better!!

Cheers Rowena

The Kings said...

Hey look great Tone!

Amy Peterson said...

These will be fabulous. My eldest is only in preschool/kinder, but already mornings are challenging! Thanks so much for sharing x

Carmen said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much, I'll be printing them tomorrow!

Karen said...

It's been a harried morning here Toni - this is just what I need! Thanks for sharing.

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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Jenny said...

My son LOVES this morning routine. I want to make a summer specific one for him. May i ask what program you used for clip art? Im not good at editing so i thought Id cut and paste to customize it for him. Just dont know where to get the pictures you were using.
Thanks for your help.

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