Sunday, 18 May 2014

.One Thimble - Issue 3.

Have you seen One Thimble yet? 

One Thimble is a beautifully presented and well thought out e-zine (magazine) that is all about sewing! The quarterly e-zine is made by sewing enthusiasts for sewing enthusiasts and each issue includes a generous amount of PDF sewing patterns as well as pages and pages of sewing-related articles, tips and tricks!

Issue 3 of One Thimble was released a couple of days ago and includes 10 fantastic PDF patterns, including one from Make It Perfect!
Meet the Daisy Chain Dress. I am in love with this dress and have a growing selection that I wear every second day! comfortable I never want to wear a pair of jeans again! 

These photos were taken and modeled by Mary-Anne of Missy Moo Ruffles & Frills.
And here is another version sewn by Kara of Leighlee. Cute fabric choice, huh?!

You can read more about the Daisy Chain Dress on the One Thimble website where it will be avaliable to purchase for 3 months and then it will become a part of my regular pattern range, I'll share more about it soon!

One Thimble gives you the opportunity to purchase the entire e-zine full of patterns and articles, or you can choose to purchase individual PDF patterns on their own if you don't want the whole magazine.


CJ said...

Please remind us when the dress pattern is available through your site. I was not interested in the entire ezine. Thanks!

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