Friday, 6 June 2014

.Winter dress.

Remember a couple of years ago when I made that cowl dress for Lil? She wore it over and over and over again. A few months ago it retired to the "too small box" and I made a mental note to sew her another one before she outgrew the pattern.
And here is the new addition, which I'm sure will fit her for another two years! I actually added a couple of inches to the hem of this one to make sure that it will fit for awhile so it's looking a bit roomy at the moment, but super comfy don't you think?
This is the biggest size this pattern comes in (5/6), Lil is little but turning 7 in a couple of months and there is plenty of wriggle room. It's definitely a roomy pattern - but that's the intentional fit I think.
I almost died when I started sewing it together and realised that I had accidentally cut a little hole right in the front of the dress! Argh! I tried patching it up but it looked dodgy and messy so ended up sewing a little heart patch over the hole instead. To start with I was annoyed but now that it's all finished and she has worn the dress a few times I actually think it adds a cute, subtle detail.
The fabric is Hilco Campan stripes, one of the best quality knits I have ever worked with. I've sewn a lot of items with Hilco knits and they wash and wear amazingly, no fading or pilling or stretching. Telling you again...good quality knits are worth every cent!
Lil's only's too hot! Ha! I know she will wear it a lot though, it's an easy one to throw on without any thought and it's just as nice to wear out as it is to bash around the house in.
Hilco Campan striped knit in blue and hot pink
Heidi and Finn Cowl Neck Jumper Dress 


Jane said...

It's gorgeous, and I totally agree about quality knits! Hard to beat German cotton/lycra. And I love your creative fix - a happy accident in the end :)

cassandra rowland said...

Love it ! i have 8 year old girls and they are getting hard to please with clothes, but this could be a winner. Love your blog

Michelle Hall said...

What a great dress!. You've inspired me to try yet another pattern Toni!

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