Monday, 11 August 2014

.A long-sleeved Skippy.

Today I want to show you one of the sleeve variations that comes with the Skippy dress pattern. The pattern includes three different sleeve lengths - short, 3/4 and long. I have already shown you the 3/4 length and this dress today shows the long sleeve length. 

I made this dress from a merino wool knit, it is a little more turquoise in colour than the photos show and it is the warmest fabric to wear. A friend picked it up for me from a local fabric store so I can't really tell you much more about it other than it is merino wool. I was expecting it to be a bit itchy, but it has quickly become my favourite knit fabric for sewing special garments with. Although the fabric is quite thin, the warmth it gives is unbelievable. When I first made this Skippy dress, it was a frosty morning the next day for school drop off. I wore my dress without a jacket and was surprised at how warm I was. Because the merino wool knit is super stretchy is it also really comfortable to wear.
I didn't have enough merino for the skirt of this dress, so made the skirt using a Lillestoff print that is another one of my favourites. I love this combo, and I love the way that by combining two different fabrics for the skirt and top pieces, the dress actually looks like two different items of clothing! I have had many people tell me that they "like my skirt" when I'm wearing this dress! This one has also made it into the "favourites" category and is in heavy rotation in the wardrobe!

Remember, both Skippy and Joey are avaliable at a special introductory price for just $10 until Wednesday, so if you want to pick up these patterns at a great price then don't miss out!
Make It Perfect, Skippy pattern
Merino wool knit in turquoise
Lillestoff, Smila Roses in petrol


Johanna Parker said...

Love this dress! So glad I stumbled upon your blog yesterday. Since then I've looked at a bunch of the variations and love them all. Can't wait to browse more into your archives.

I just ordered Skippy for me, and Joey for my daughter. One question... on the size chart, the bust size is "to fit" not "finished" measurements, correct?

Thiên Thiên said...

thank 4 sharing !!

ung dung voz

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