Friday, 8 August 2014

.Skippy & Joey: having fun with prints.

Thankyou for your lovely comments and excitement on Facebook, Instagram and the blog about my new patterns, Skippy & Joey. I'm excited to see you guys take these patterns and turn them into great dresses for yourselves and your girls!  
The Skippy dress pattern was actually written up over 3 months ago, and in that time I've had a chance to make quite a few variations for myself, sisters and friends. This is one of my favourites.
I'm a sucker for prints and patterns in fabric. For kids, this is great, but clothing for myself requires a bit of thought and planning to create a garment that incorporates my favourite prints but doesn't look like it belongs to a little kid! This Lillestoff raindrops print is one of my absolute favourite jersey knits and I've been saving it for a special occasion.
Now, a dress made entirely of these raindrops would feel a bit like a nightie to me! But to incorporate it into a very wearable dress, I simply cut the front top piece out of the raindrops and everything else from a dark grey solid jersey.
I love love love this dress - it's definitley in my favourites and does it pass the wearable test? Well, I've been wearing it at least once a week for the last 3 months so I think it gets a big tick in that department!
These kangaroo pockets are becoming a favourite of mine too. I can easily stash my keys in them during school drop off with Harvey on my hip and I find it comfortable to have a pocket to stuff my hands in too.
The gathered sleeves add a pretty touch too, taking the Skippy dress to another level and giving you the chance to create much more than just a tshirt-style dress.
For Lil's Joey dress, I choose a fun print for the main dress and sleeve pieces, but used a solid hot pink for all of the trims. 
I love how the solid pink breaks up the busy print and adds a bit of extra detail to the dress.
The triangle jersey came from Ixat, but not sure if it is still in stock? It is a gorgeous print, the fabric is a little thin but fine for this dress though.
I love how you can change the look of these dresses simply by being creative with your fabric choices. There are lots of different pieces involved in these dresses, so the options to mix and match fabrics, prints and colours are endless!
Make It Perfect, Skippy pattern
Make It Perfect, Joey pattern
Lillestoff raindrops jersey knit
Charcoal jersey knit
Pink triangles on grey jersey knit
Solid hot pink jersey knit 


justmejay said...

I love this version of the Skippy, Toni - I've been pulling fabric from my stash today to make another one - but seeing this one has me set to copy....

Caspritz said...

Its just perfect and i love the lillestoff Rain Drops together with the grey it looks stunning!!!

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