Saturday, 18 October 2014

.Still Skippin'.

I know what you are thinking...another Skippy post? Sorry...(not sorry) I've got lots to share!
This maroon one was the very first Skippy I made. I used this fabric because I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't work out. The fabric quality is great, not sure what it is as it was given to me but feels like a jersey that has a bit of lycra content as it has great stretch and recovery and isn't thin or flimsy. But the colour just didn't do much for me. I don't think I have anything maroon in my wardrobe and just don't feel comfortable in it.
Turns out, the dress worked out pretty well first time around, too good to not be worn, so my big sister scored herself another Skippy! 
Maroon is also a really hard colour to photograph. It isn't as dull as in these pictures. I'm not sure what else to say about this one that hasn't already been said...feminine gathered 3/4 length sleeves, a pocket to stash your hands and as comfortable to wear as your favourite pyjamas!

Make It Perfect, Skippy sewing pattern
Maroon jersey knit fabric


DreiPunkteWerk said...

I love all your Skippies :-)
Liebe Grüße,

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