Saturday, 31 January 2015

.Bombshell Swimsuit.

It was only a matter of time before I joined the Bombshell Swimsuit bandwagon. I first noticed this pattern in the middle of 2014, Winter for us, and I wasn't really interested in spending my sewing time on Summer attire so I popped it away for warmer days. And stocked up on some swimwear fabric in the meantime.
After a few beach trips this Summer, I was well and truly sick of my current swimmers and that was good enough incentive to spend a few evenings sewing myself a new pair - and here they are!
The pattern was great, I had a few issues getting an even zig-zag stitch with the rubbery swimwear elastic I bought but it ended up okay in the end. My sewing machine doesn't sew well with cheap thread on any decorative stitches and I had no polyester navy blue thread in my stash so I ended up doing all of my topstitching with 100% cotton thread in order to get an even I'm really hoping that it holds up in the elements! I don't really go swimming that much and I'm sure I will make myself a few more swim suits in the future so I think we will be okay! There are still a few areas of skipped stitches but they aren't noticeable enough to be an eyesore.
This pair of swimmers is my trial version...I've got a few other lovely swimwear fabrics in my stash that I want to use on another pair - or maybe even another pattern? But thought this navy blue fabric (from the Fabric Fairy) would be a good, basic design to start with. I lined the entire swimsuit in nude lining also. 
For future Bombshells, I wouldn't change much at all except increase the shape and support in the bust! I knew that I would like a pair of swimmers with good bust support but for this pair I pulled out some cups from an old pair of swimmers I had in my cupboard and they weren't very supportive at all!
I really like how modest this swimsuit is, it provides good coverage in all the right places and is comfortable to wear. Nothing worse that being at the beach in something that doesn't make you feel good! Plus, the extreme gathering on the side and back seams really helps to disguise parts of the body that aren't in such good shape!
Anyway, if you are wanting to sew swimwear for yourself, you should really try this pattern as a starter to help you get the feel for it. I didn't find the experience hard, but there were some parts where I didn't really get what was happening but just keep following the instructions and it all makes sense in the end! 


Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

This looks awesome Toni!! The bombshell is the best isn't it? I can't wait to get started on my second one so I can fix all the mistakes I made on the first. Beautiful pics by the way. I love Tassie ;)

mac said...

Looking fantastic.

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