Monday, 2 February 2015

.Washi Tape the school books.

After packing up to move house a few months ago, it became clear to me that I have way too many craft supplies. I mean, I knew that I had a lot, but it wasn't until I counted my boxes of fabric next to my boxes of kitchen items and realised that they were pretty much equal that my eyes were really opened! And that was just fabric...not everything else!
So, I'm trying to become less of a hoarder and more of a user. It is a bit tough at times but I'm just gonna do it because if I run out of a precious supply I can always replenish, right?!
Our kids start school in a couple of days and the start of the school year brings the book covering marathon. It seemed to go on and on and on this year with three kids to cover books for! To make the job less of a chore, I am the sucker who tries to get crafty at the same time! Lil's books are much easier to "pretty up" as a lot of my craft supplies and papers are girly looking. The boys require a little more thought and I resort to using printed wrapping paper on some of their books. 
These washi tape covered school books, however, are both boy and girl friendly, and take much less time and effort to make than they look. In fact, they are so easy to do that Oscar and Lil even covered a few books each using this method with great results! Because the washi tape can be repositioned without tearing the paper underneath, they can pull a misplaced piece of tape up and have another go at sticking it down if it ends up in the wrong spot.
Even if you think you're not a crafty person, I can guarantee success with these books! And if you have covered your kids school books already then maybe you can make yourself a special washi tape covered book to write important notes in or to use for journal keeping? 
To start with, you will need your book to be covered and a selection of washi tapes. If you don't have a big supply of washi tapes, don't let that put you off. Some of the books I like best are covered with a repeated pattern of just 4 or 5 different tapes.
Before you start sticking down your tapes you will need to cover your book with a piece of plain copy paper. Most washi tapes have clear or opaque areas in the design, so if you don't start with a white base you will see the colours and patterns on the cover of your book through the tapes. I just stick mine down with a couple of pieces of double sided sticky tape. For most of my books, I only cover in washi tape and then stick a patterned paper on the back. If the book is smaller though, I will cover the front and the back. Do what ever you like - but just make sure that you have white paper on any surface you want to cover.
 Decide on what direction you want your washi tape to run (diagonal, horizontal, vertical, etc.) and stick one of your tapes in that direction, leaving a little bit of tape hanging over each edge of the book.
Open the cover of the book, and fold the overhanging edges of the tape to the inside cover and press down.
Take your second piece of tape and line up the edge with the first piece. Press down, break off and fold overhanging edges to the inside cover.
 Continue adding strips of washi tape...
 ...until your book... completely...
Decide what you want to put on the back cover - I mostly use scrapbook paper cut to size (yep, using up those hoarded craft supplies!) and stick it down with a few pieces of double sided sticky tape.
To keep the spine of the book nice and neat, choose a washi tape to run down the folded edge. Make sure that half of the tape is hanging over the spine...
 ...and fold it over to the back cover of the book.
Fold the short, overhanging edges of the washi tape to the inside of the book to finish.
And there you have it! A washi-tape covered school book that is way cooler than any Disney or Minecraft character contact!!!
I like to finish my book off with some protective plastic. If the book is A4 size, I buy plastic book covers (way easier than contact!) to pop over the top. And I use clear contact on smaller or odd shaped books. If you are covering your whole book (front and back) in washi tape you could probably skip the plastic covering, I would skip it for myself, but not for the kids!

Happy covering, and here's to using up pretty hoarded craft supplies!  


Jane from Lil Pip said...

Smart girl! These look fantastic. I keep meaning to pick up a couple of plain notebooks to cover as pretty little gifts to give - to adults and children.

I think I need to 'shop my stash' a little more too.

Ruth said...

Can I ask about the name labels on the books- what font have you used for them?Thanks :)

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